Your guide to shopping and promoting Amazon Prime Day.
Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest global shopping event held exclusively for Prime members. Prime day will go live on July 15th and last through July 16th! With over 100 million products sold during Prime Day 2018, and 400% more in sales than on a typical day, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. To set you up for success this year, we tapped Amazon for advice on making the most of Prime Day 2019.

Educate your followers on the benefits of an Amazon Prime membershipEncourage your followers to sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial if they don’t already have a membership. Amazon Household also allows account owners to share Prime benefits like fast and free shipping and Prime Video, with one additional adult in the household.

Download the Amazon app and track your favorite dealsYou can use the Amazon app to easily set up price-drop notifications for specific items. Whenever you receive a notification, be sure to generate a link using the LinkIt tool – so as Lightning Deals go live, you can provide real-time updates across your channels.

Keep an eye on pre-scheduled dealsIn addition to tracking custom lists of products you’re interested in, the app makes it easy to browse and “watch” the deals that are scheduled to go live throughout the day. To do this, head to the Deals page, look through the products under the “Upcoming” tab, and tap “Watch this deal”. The moment a deal you’re watching goes live, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Follow Lightning Deals
Look for Lightning Deals at Prime Day Spotlight Deals include top brands, popular items and discounts that last until inventory runs out. These deals boast the most inventory – and with it, some of the best savings. Lightning Deals are watchable 24 hours ahead, but keep in mind that they only run for a limited time with limited stock.

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  • Detail Shots
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Travel
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  • Metallics
  • Holiday Decor
To participate in the challenge, Create a Look (or two or three!) and post to social media (don’t forget to tag @shopstyle) showing how you style Looks from these six categories for the chance to be featured on ShopStyle’s site, blog, or social channels!
We can’t wait to see your Looks! Check out some of our fave Looks submitted from last week’s challenge:
  1. Alyssa Campanella
  2. Sheryl Luke
  3. Steph Weizman

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Fix a Sideways or Upside Down Screen in Windows

So, the screen display on your Windows desktop PC or laptop is suddenly sideways or upside down and you have no idea what to do. Don't panic! You won't need to crane your neck or physically flip your monitor over. This is a much more common situation than you might think, and can usually be resolved with just a keyboard shortcut or a few mouse clicks.
The most likely reason that you find yourself in this predicament is because you have accidentally pressed the wrong keys, incorrectly adjusted a display setting or connected an external monitor or other viewing device.

Here's how to fix a sideways or upside screen on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In some scenarios, the following keyboard shortcuts may be used to rotate your display. Whether or not these shortcuts are available is dependent on several factors including what video card is in your system as well as what software you have installed. It is also possible that your particular configuration does offer these hotkey combinations, but that they need to be manually enabled before they can be used. We recommend taking the keyboard route first, since it's fairly quick and easy and could come in handy if you encounter this problem again in the future.
The most common keyboard shortcut combinations to rotate your screen are as follows:
  • CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow
  • CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow
  • CTRL+Alt+Left Arrow
  • CTRL+Alt+Right Arrow.
If pressing these keys simultaneously does not seem to have any effect, you can try the following steps to ensure that hotkeys are enabled with your particular graphics card or you can just proceed to the next method shown below for resolving this issue.
To toggle hotkeys on or off:
  1. Right-click in an empty space on your desktop.
  2. A menu should appear containing several choices. Depending on your setup, you may see an option labeled Graphic Settings or something similar, from which you should be able to control hotkey activation.

    Note: This option is only available on certain hardware.

Display Orientation Settings

If the keyboard shortcut method didn't fix your problem then modifying your display orientation through the Windows settings interface should.

  1. Right-click on an empty space anywhere on your desktop.
  2. When the context menu appears, select the Display Settings option.
  3. Your display settings should now be visible in a new window. If you are unable to right-click with your mouse for some reason, another way to access this interface is to enter the following text into the Windows 10 Cortana or basic search bar and select the appropriate result: display settings.
  4. Select Landscape from the drop-down menu labeled Orientation.
  5. Click on the Apply button, which should instantly rotate your display.
  6. A blue and white dialog will now appear, asking if you'd like to retain your new screen orientation or return to the previous display. If you're satisfied with the updated appearance, click on the Keep changes button. If not, select Revert or just take no action and wait 15 seconds.
  1. Click on the Windows button, found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. When the pop-out menu appears, select the Control Panel option.
  3. Once the Control Panel interface appears click Adjust screen resolution, located in the Appearance and Personalization section.
  1. The Change the appearance of your display screen should now be visible. Click on the Orientation drop-down menu and choose the Landscapeoption.
  2. Next, click Apply to instantly implement this change.
  3. A dialog appears containing two buttons, prompting you to choose whether or not you'd like to keep the new screen orientation in effect. To do so, click on Keep changes. To go back to the previous setting, wait 15 seconds for the prompt to expire or select the Revert button.

Windows 7
  1. Click on the Windows menu button, located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. When the pop-out menu appears, select Control Panel.
  1. The Control Panel interface should now be displayed. Click on the Adjust screen resolution link, located on the right side of the window below theAppearance and Personalization heading.
  2. A new screen with the following header should now be visible: Change the appearance of your display. Select Landscape from the Orientation drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the Apply button, which should cause your display to rotate as requested.
  4. A small Display Settings dialog should appear, overlaying the Control Panel interface. If you'd like to maintain the newly rotated display, select Keep changes. Otherwise, click on the Revert button or wait 15 seconds for the changes to reverse themselves automatically.